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 Traverse Town, First District

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PostSubject: Traverse Town, First District   Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:44 am

'Woah!' Kahn said as he emerged from the Gummi Ship.
Traverse Town was amazing. Sora had told Kahn to visit Traverse Town and see Leon.
'Hmm...excuse me Miss, is this First District?' asked Kahn.
'I don't know, I don't live here.' answered the girl.
'Oh...OK then, bye!' said Kahn as he walked off.
He was walking when he encountered a strange door.
'That door leads to the next district...I think.' said the girl, who had followed him.
'Umm...why did you just follow me?' asked Kahn.
'Hahaha! Silly, don't you remember me?' she asked.
Kahn stared blankly at the girl. She stared blankly back.
'S-S..Sophie?' he asked.
Sophie was Kahn's childhood friend. She looked alot like this girl. Her dad had died in a HUGE fire.
'That's right!' she answered.
'What are you doing in Traverse Town?' Kahn asked.
'I was asked by your mum to 'aid you on your journey' or sometyhing like that. She sent me here and the ground hurt when I hit it.' she replied.
Khan screamed and ran into second district. Sophie just laughed and followed him.
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Traverse Town, First District
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