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 Traverse Town, Second District

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PostSubject: Traverse Town, Second District   Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:33 pm

'WOW!' exclaimed Kahn as he skidded to a rapid halt, nearly tripping over Sophie in the process.
He was excited at the vast array of houses and buildings.
'Look! A hotel!' yelled Sophie.
They ran inside.
'You're here!' someone yelled.
'I'd recognize that voice anywhere! Roco!' exclaimed Kahn, running to him and yet again, nearly tripping over Sophie in the process.
'What are you doing here?' asked Sophie.
'I was just searching around. I can't find Leon anywhere.' answered Roco.
'Oh.' replied Kahn.
'What was that!?' asked Roco.
'I don't know!' answered Kahn.
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Traverse Town, Second District
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