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 The Witch Doctor

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PostSubject: The Witch Doctor   Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:49 pm

'Help!' yelled a lady in the middle of the district, being surrounded by heartless.
'I'll help her.' said Sophie, running off proudly.
She attacked and killed the heartless, when more arrived. Kahn hadn't seen this type before.
'Oh hoho! What have we here?' asked a mysterious man, watching while the heartless enveloped Sophie, and took her downwards.
'You are next, kids!' he yelled as more heartless came over.
These ones tied Roco and Kahn up with ropes.
They blacked out.
*About 30 Minutes Later*
*Guba!* is the noise Kahn made when he awoke.
'Where are we?' asked Roco.
'Woah! When did you wake up Roco?' asked Kahn.
'I never fainted.' answered Roco.
Then, they saw it!
A horrible sight.
Sophie, trapped in a room, with somewhere around 400-500 of those new heartless around her.
They could only watch.
She fought off about 100, but then looked tired...and fell.
'NO!' Kahn and Roco both yelled.
She was enveloped in heartless yet again, and sunk into the ground.
Then, out of the hole, spat two things.
One was pure black, except for two yellow circle shapes on the upper. Probably the eyes.
And, Sophie.
Sophie was taken by the heartless to Kahn and Roco.

'This is a copy of your friend. That over there...well...that's the real one.' said the man.
'But...that's a heartless! Isn't it!?' yelled Kahn.
'Yes...well...no...but yes..well...it's hard to explain. Maleficent never told me how these guys work very well. They are supposed to take a person, make an Anti form, and spit out a copy. The one in front of you, that is the copy.' answered the man.
'That!!!...makes...sense.' replied Roco.
'Well well well...you're my master, I presume.' asked the Anti-Sophie.
'Yes I am, now, as the great Witch Docter I am, kill these fiends!' yelled the 'so-called' Witch Docter.
'Maybe I will...but probably not!' yelled Anti-Sophie, as she pulled out a charm, and trapped the Witch Docter inside of it.
'Well, I'll be seeing you!' said ANti-Sophie, before she disappeared.
'...HEY! She didn't untie us!' yelled Kahn.
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The Witch Doctor
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