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 Traverse Town, Final

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PostSubject: Traverse Town, Final   Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:58 pm

'Well, we should be going.' said Kahn.
'But we still need to see Leon, Yuffie, Merlin and Aerith!' answered Roco.
'...are you retarded!? They don't live here! They live in Radiant Garden!' yelled Kahn back at him.
'Wasn't it a little too easy?' asked Sophie.
Then, they saw the Guard Armour.
'Great, Sophie, you jinxed us.' said Roco.
The Guard Armour lurked over the three of them.
Kahn threw the keyblade at the guard armour, but it flung off.
'Hmm...Impervious.' said Roco.
Roco slashed he's sword at the Left Leg.
It flung away.
'Hmm...let me try!' said Sophie.
She threw a Chakram at the head, and it hit!
'The head is he's weak spot!' ATTACK!' Kahn yelled.
He started attacking the Head.
'ATTACK!' yelled Sophie, as she joined in.
'LEEEEROY JENKINS!' screamed Roco, as he too joined in.

After much fighting, they beat it.
'Lets keep the parts!' said Roco.
'Why?' asked Kahn and Sophie synchronized.
'We don't know if the could come in handy do we?' he answered.
'True.' said Kahn.

They soon left, as if they had never went.
Kahn has made two new friends...well...re-made some new friends.
Where will they go now?
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Traverse Town, Final
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