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 Urban Town, The Toy-Life

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PostSubject: Urban Town, The Toy-Life   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:11 pm

'Damn-It Roco!' yelled Sophie.
'Hey! That wasn't me!' yelled Roco.
'Oh, yeah! What happenned then!? Did your whole body slip!?' asked Sophie, rather annoyed.
'Yes! It did! I'm sorry I fell ontop of you.' replied Roco.
'And that little 'slip' made you fall onto me, 'accidentally' touch my breast, and then make the Ship crash!' asked Sophie.
'Exactly!' answered Roco.
'Guys! SHUT UP! Where are we Sophie?' asked Kahn.
'I'm not sure, lets look around.' replied Sophie.
As they said that. they seen an Astronaut fall out of a window.
'Um...are we tiny, because that window is HUGE!' exclaimed Roco.
They then seen a oy hopping into a nearby car with a Cowboy, and the Astronaut hopping in aswell.
Roco and Kahn lept and hopped in, they had to pull Sophie up though.
They were going somewhere distant.
A distant planet maybe? Then, they smelt a slight aroma of gas.
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Urban Town, The Toy-Life
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