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PostSubject: Dinoco   Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:57 pm

The car then stopped at someplace called 'Dinoco'.
The cowboy and the astronaut started fighting when the child, baby and woman that were in the car had left.
The cowboy started yelling at the astronaut.
Then they started punching each other.
'Woah! hold up and stop fighting!' yelled Kahn, running in between the two.
'Who, are you? You three aren't Andy's toys!' yelled the cowboy.
'No we're not, but we're here to help!' said Sophie.
Just then, about 20-30 Shadows appeared around them.
'I'll take care of this!' said Roco, pushing past them.
Roco ran straight into the hoard. They heard faint slashing noises.
Roco ran up to three of the Shadows, and slashed them all through the middle in one swipe.
He ran up to another, and slashed it into another one.
Roco looked tired, but he was persistant.
He picked up a Shadow, rolled it up into a ball, then bowled it at ten oncoming Shadows.
One Shadow jumped up onto he's back.
'HHHAAARRRGGGHHH!!!' yelled Roco, as he picked it up, and swung it into the remaining three Shadows. He then threw the last Shadow at the above car muffler.
'Do you guys feel...heat?' asked Sophie.
As she finished saying that, the above muffler sputtered, and drove off.
'NOOOO!' yelled the cowboy.
'Who was that?' asked Kahn.
'That was Andy. It's all your fault!' yelled the cowboy at the astronaut.
'WAIT! Hold up! tell us, who are you, and where are they headed for?' asked Kahn.
'I'm Buzz Lightyear, of Star Command!' said the astronaut.
'And I'm Woody.' said the cowboy.
'They are headed to Pizza Planet, Andy's favourite take-out restaurant.' said Woody.
As he said that, a truck labelled 'Pizza Planet' showed up.
'Let's go then!' said Kahn, as he ran towards the truck with Roco.
Buzz got into the front seat after Kahn and Roco.
He then closed the door.
Woody and Sophie had to run to the back, and jump into the boot.
The truck started, and then started moving.
At every turn, Buzz, Kahn and Roco were safe.
At those turns, however, Sophie and Woody were not.
They were being tossed around, and the toolbox was being smashed into them at every movement.
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