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 Pizza Planet

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PostSubject: Pizza Planet   Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:05 pm

The truck finally stopped and the driver hopped out.
Andy's toys jumped out and found disguises in the nearby bin.
Kahn, Roco and Sophie followed.
They found Andy near the back entrance.
Woody was about to tell Buzz, but Buzz was gone.
They looked around and after about a minute, they found him heading towards a large spaceship.
They ran after him.
Woody went in after him. Roco went, and then Kahn went.
Sophie couldn't get up.
'Fine then, I guess I'll just stay out here until you're out then!' she said as she pouted.
'Greetings!' they heard as they landed.
'What are those!?' Roco screamed as he looked at about 200 green aliens.
'They look like aliens...HUH!?' yelled Kahn as he looked up to see a giant claw.
'The Claaawww!' yelled a few aliens.
'We're obviously in a claw...grabby...machine thing.' said Roco.
'So, is the claw your leader?' asked Buzz.
'Yes!' answered an Alien.
'Wait!' yelled Kahn as he looked up. 'Was there always two claws?'
'Is that another claw!?' yelled an Alien in succession.
The claw reacted.
It lunged downwards at Kahn.
'Woah!' he yelled as he dodged it.
The claw was dark purple, and surrounded in a glowing, violet colour.
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Pizza Planet
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