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 Adding and Deleting Srite Comic Characters

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PostSubject: Adding and Deleting Srite Comic Characters   Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:14 pm

I am editing Luka out of the Sprite Comic.
Working on all that would be a real pain and I just can't find where to put her.
She may have a cameo, or become a main character MUCH later in the storyline.
I am adding a character. I am adding another 'Lead female role' to it.
This character is, Victoria. (Names of other characters will be announced in comic)
She is aiming to become a Pokemon Professor.
I will be adding elements from the journey on this website. I may use original pokemon for it.
The region is still in it's planning stages though. It is npot easy building an entire region from a few sprites. I am keeping the other main characters.
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Adding and Deleting Srite Comic Characters
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