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 Sean Raider

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PostSubject: Sean Raider   Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:09 am

Sean Raider
This is his fire form. He has different forms and this is only one of them. I couldn't sprite a sword so just imagine a sword hilt sticking over his shoulder.
He's a character of my series of comics I haven't made yet called elemental tales. He's fun to hang out with but extremely serious when in a battle. He tends to joke a lot even when something serious has happened. He has 4 elements he can control. Ice, water, fire and electricity. He also has a sword slung over his back called the elemental blade. It can absorb Sean's elemental powers and use them while he swings the sword. Sean is 14 and a very skilled fighter.

All basic punches and kicks:

Weak Attack Normal 1: Punch
A punch
Weak Attack Normal 2: Smack
A sort of slap but powerful.
Weak Attack Forward 1: Spike Kick
A kick to the front.
Weak Attack Forward 2: Head Smash
A headbutt to the opponent's head.
Weak Attack Backwards 1: Back Kick
Kicks backward.
Weak Attack Backwards 2: Hilt Smash
Does a spin and his sword hilt smashes your opponent.
Weak Attack Upwards 1: Flexi-Kick
Kicks straight upward, hard to do but he's talented.
Weak Attack Upwards 2: Energy Blast
Causes an explosion overhead by concentrating his energy.
Weak Attack Downwards 1: Spin Kick
Does a spin kick.
Weak Attack Downwards 2: Double Kick
Jumps then kicks with both feet downward.

Takes out his sword and uses it:

Medium Attack Normal 1: Slash
A basic slash with his sword.
Medium Attack Normal 2: Sword Clone
Holds his sword out and the front shoots off then grows back.
Medium Attack Forward 1: Triple Jab
Pokes multiple times with the sword.
Medium Attack Forward 2: Multi Stun Slash
Stuns the opponent with a rapid combo of slashes.
Medium Attack Backwards 1: Sword Spin
Spins around sword first.
Medium Attack Backwards 2: Sky Back Slash
An upward slash behind him.
Medium Attack Upwards 1: Homing Slash
Jumps up really high and swings his sword below him
Medium Attack Upwards 2: Sword Throw
Throws his sword upwards then catches it.
Medium Attack Downwards 1: Fire Shock Blast
Slams his sword into the ground and a shockwave of fire appears around him.
Medium Attack Downwards 2: Clone Slash
Duplicates his sword puts one in each hand. Then he throws his 2 swords to each side. Another sword appears in his hand because he threw his original.

Uses his elemental powers, ice, fire, water and lightning:

Strong Attack Normal 1: Fire Ball
Shoots a ball of fire in front of him. It can be charged up by focusing his energy. The more he charges, the more fire balls come out of his hand. If he charges up to the limit, he uses both his hands and fires one huge fire blast!
Strong Attack Normal 2: Thunder Smash
Shoots electricity out of both his hands. The opponent gets electrified and burnt.
Strong Attack Forward 1: Water Coffin
Puts his hands up and a drop of water appears. The water floats in front of him and grows to a huge size! It goes on top of the opponent and traps them. Then he shoots ice on the water and traps the opponent in a casing of ice. Then he's free to use another technique on the ice ball. This does no damage but leaves the opponent unable to respond to his next technique.
Strong Attack Forward 2: Ice Kick
His foot turns to ice and he kicks forward. It's not very accurate so it misses often. If it makes contact, the ice on his foot slowly spreads to the opponent and they're frozen. Unable to move, the opponent, once again, can't move until Sean attacks. The ice is harder so Sean can attack for more time before the ice melts or breaks. But remember, it's very inaccurate so it can't hit often.
Strong Attack Backwards 1: Ice Blast
Shoots ice backwards. Hurts the opponent because it's so cold.
Strong Attack Backwards 2: Pillar of Fire
Punches the ground with a lot of force. Then, he shoots fire into the ground and the pillar of fire surfaces where the opponent is. It has a certain range, so it can't hit people far away, but it is extremely accurate and hardly ever misses.
Strong Attack Upwards 1: Bubble Blast
Shoots three bubbles of water upwards. If they don't hit anyone, then they just explode into tiny bubbles. If they hit someone, they explode into medium sized waterfalls. And smash people to the ground.
Strong Attack Upwards 2: Stormy Day
Shoots a rain cloud upward. When it's pretty high, it homes on to the opponent and shoots a HUGE strike of lightning on the opponent. It can be dodged pretty easily but if they're not ready for it, they can be electrocuted heavily.
Strong Attack Downwards 1: Cloud Ride
Jumps up and makes a cloud appear under him. He can fly around on it but it doesn't damage the opponent at all. It just makes it easy to get away.
Strong Attack Downwards 2: Fire Sweep
Sweeps his hands in both directions and five small pillars of fire appear where he pointed.

His extremely damaging elemental combos:

Special Attack Normal: Summon Flion
Summons a lion made completely out of fire. A Flion (flame lion). It claws at the opponent, shoots fire out of it's mouth and does everything it can to destroy the opponent. It doesn't have to do that. It is completely controlled by Sean and does anything he wants. All the while, Sean is holding his hands up to keep the lion from fading away. So it leaves him completely vulnerable to an attack. After he uses this technique, he is extremely tired. This takes a lot out of him.
Special Attack Forwards: Elemental Breath
Inhales, then blasts the opponent with icy breath. They start shivering in the cold. Then, he changes his breath into fire and melts the ice. They start on fire but then he changes to water which puts out the fire but it has such velocity that it practically cuts holes into their skin. Just when they're about to jump out of the way, he sends a blast of electricity with his hands which is absorbed by the water hitting the opponent. The opponent starts burning from electrocution but the Sean stops. He starts gathering energy. The opponent is stunned from all the blasts. Then He starts blowing all the elements at once until they all combine into one big beam. This stuns the opponent and hurts them badly. But then Sean falls unconscious for 2 minutes.
Special Attack Backwards: Elemental Blast
He holds his hands out behind him and shoots a blast of each element. They home onto the opponent. It doesn't do much damage but it's a quick attack that doesn't need charging time.
Special Attack Upwards: Elemental Slash
Holds his sword up and the 4 elements go blasting from the sword one by one in a beam. Then, he slashes upward with the different elements in his sword multiple times.
Special Attack Downwards: Pillars of Ice
Slams his and into the ground and 4 ice pillars come out immediately. Hurts the opponent because the ends of the pillars are really pointy.

A mix of tons of his techniques:

Super Attack 1: Elemental Beam
He creates a ball of a random element and charges it up until it's huge. Then, he fires it in a huge beam of that element. It's a very quick hit but it doesn't do much damage.
Super Attack 2: Berserk Sword Attack
Takes out his sword and does whatever he can. He slashes and jabs with his sword. He doesn't even notice where his opponent is. He goes completely crazy! This attack is devastating but very inaccurate considering he goes berserk.
Super Attack 3: Elemental Devastation
This is his best attack because death Sean isn't an attack, it's a final form. He puts a force field around himself so he can't be hurt while he's setting up this attack. He takes ice and water balls in his hands and leaves them floating. Then he takes fire and electricity in his hands and puts them above the other two. Then he takes them all in his hands and forces them together into one HUGE ball of elemental power. The ball is about 5 times as big as he is. It floats in front of him. Then he floats the the center of the ball and puts his arms out in front of him. He absorbs the whole thing until there's nothing left of the ball. Then, he starts glowing and he lets it all out in a GIANT beam of pure elemental power. It's devastating! (Hence the name). He's unconscious for about 15 minutes after using that.

Transforms into his ultimate form, Death Sean:

Final Attack: Death Sean Keep in mind this is a very early preview I threw together at the last second so this is just to show what he basically looks like.
Goes all out. Transforms into his ultimate form. All his skin fades away and he turns into a skeleton. He can use whatever he wants. This isn't an attack. It's a final form. It can't be held for a long time. It lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes. When he uses it for that long, he's unconscious for a half an hour. When he uses it because he's mad, he can't control himself. But when he uses it on purpose to beat an opponent, he is in full control of himself and can do whatever he wants. Keep in mind this is a final form and that it can't be beaten easily. His only element is shadow and darkness. He can take over a weak person's body and use it as a servant for the 20 minutes he has. He can't take over a pure soul though, if the person is pure hearted and has no negative thoughts, he can't take over their body.
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Sean Raider
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