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 Heading to Viridian (New Battle System!)

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PostSubject: Heading to Viridian (New Battle System!)   Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:53 am

As Zane stepped out of the lab, he was hugged.
It was Kristen.
'Zane! I haven't seen you in 3 years!' exclaimed Kristen, nearly choking Zane.
Zane made some gurgling noises.
'So, you do remember me.' said Zane.
'Of course I do, stupid. Well, lets go!' said Kristen.
'O-OK then.' Zane said.
They started heading out of Town.
Zane was relieved to hear that Kristen remembered him.
'Oh look! A Pidgey! I'ma catch it!' Kristen yelled.

Charmander> LVL: 5, HP: 39/39, Moves: Scratch; PP=35/35 + Growl; PP=40/40.
Pidgey> LVL: 4, HP: 40/40, Moves: Tackle; PP=35/35.
Charmander Attacks First.
Charmander uses Scratch. [Pidgey: HP=34/40, Charmander: Scratch; PP=34/35]
Pidgey uses Tackle. [Charmander: HP=34/39, Pidgey: Tackle; PP=34/35]
Kristen gives Charmander TM brought from shop.
Pidgey uses Tackle. [Charmander: HP=29/39, Pidgey: Tackle; PP=33/35]
Charmander uses Dragon Claw. [Pidgey: HP=KO, Charmander: Dragon Claw; PP=14/15]
Pidgey is down.

'I didn't think it worked that way.' said Zane, honestly.
Kristen threw a Pokeball at Pidgey...*woosh...*woosh...*woosh...*Ding!
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Heading to Viridian (New Battle System!)
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