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 Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:26 pm

We Meet Nathan

When I woke up, all my wounds were bandaged and I was lying in the grass. I looked around and saw Jack lying near me. He looked the same as I did. I looked at a huge shape far away and realized it was the thing that had attacked us. It had a huge cut in it's mask and it was spurting blue blood everywhere.
I saw a shadow move beside me and I looked up. A teenager was sitting on a rock sharpening a long sword on it. He had short red hair, casual clothes on and he looked about my age. Maybe a bit older. He looked up. "Oh, you're awake. I expect you want to know what the hell's going on and who I am right?"
I had just opened my mouth to ask those questions so I shut it and nodded.
"Well, you and your friend seem to possess the same powers I have. They're called elemental powers and that means we can control certain elements. My speciality is electricity. And for who I am, I'm Nathan, 3rd seat in group 10."
"Ummmm," I looked confused. "What the hell are you talking about?"
"Oh of course!" He said. "Of course you don't know what the elemental kingdom is. It's a kingdom with all the people with powers like us. We have 11 groups of fighters. There are 8 seats. Seat 3 to seat 10. Seat 3 is the best of the seats. Then there's the lieutenant and after that, there's the leader of the whole group, the captain. If somebody isn't in the 10 seats, they're just a soldier."
"I'm starting to understand now." I said. "So you guys fight those weird monster things?"
"No." He replied. "Those are just henchmen of the evil group called the shadow society. They have monsters, humans and other things on their team. They get stronger by eating people with strong elemental power. Your powers seem to be getting stronger as you age. So the shadow society will do anything to eat you to gain more power so they can overthrow us and rule the world!"
"Wow!" Jack said and we both looked at him.
"Good," Nathan said. "You're finally up. Now, I'm going to take you to our kingdom so you can get proper training. We don't want those beasts getting any stronger so we have to make sure they don't eat you. We have fought off the shadow society for a long time and we've always won. This seems to be the only exception, we kill tons of them and they seem to be coming back even stronger than before. It won't be long before they attack humans openly."
"What I don't get is why nobody else can hear them." Jack wondered aloud.
"That's a good question. You see, only people with a little bit of their elemental power awakened can see, hear or smell them. Everyone has elemental power, but it depends whether they're strong enough to release it. You two are strong enough. So what are your names?"
"I'm Sean, and he's Jack."
He nodded, "are you ready to go to the elemental kingdom?" "Wait, you mean we're just going to disappear without anyone knowing?" Jack asked.
Nathan nodded again. "It'll only take you about 2 weeks to get enough elemental powers to beat a shadow demon like the last one you saw."
"I guess so, but I want to write a note to my parents." Sean said and Jack nodded in agreement. They both scribbled down a note saying they were offered some sort of vacation from another member of the family and they'd be back in 2 weeks.
They were about to go and put them on the doorstep of their houses when Nathan put out his hands. "Just give them to me." They did as they were told. "Elemental spell number 96! Storm cloud!" Nathan yelled and two clouds appeared in front of him.
The two boys looked in awe as he put a note on each of them. "Where do you live?" They told him and the clouds whizzed away.
"How'd you do that?!" Jack asked in awe.
"Are you kidding me?" Nathan responded in disbelief. "That's possibly the easiest spell I can use! Just wait until these 2 weeks are up, you'll be amazed at what you can do!"


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Chapter 3
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