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 Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Chapter 5   Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:35 pm

Let The Training Begin!

When we got to the group 10 area, we found the streets bustling with life. There were duels on the street, usually flashing with electricity, shops selling delicious food and all sorts of other stuff. Nathan had summoned a cloud for us to ride on and while we were in the air, we saw a few other clouds zooming by.
"The carrier cloud is a seat only spell." Nathan explained. "Only people in the 10 highest positions in our group can use it."
Jack and I were almost too exited to enjoy the ride.
"We're approaching the grand hall." Nathan announced. "It's where Jacob lives."
We touched down right in front of a mansion at least 10 times bigger than mine. There was a guard in front of the door. "Good day 3rd seat." He said. "The captain is away on a secret mission concerning the shadow society. No one knows anything else besides the king and the other captains."
"Well that's odd." Nathan said in thought. "Well, thanks anyway."
The guard bowed, "good day sir."
"What was that all about?" Asked Jack. "Does your captain do this normally?"
"No." He replied. "This is unusual. Anyway, let's not let it get us down, we're going to go straight to the duel arena to start your training."
He created another cloud and we hopped on. We glided down to a huge stone building. The doors opened for us as soon as we stepped in front of them. We walked down a hall and through glass walls, we cold see numerous battles in each arena.
We finally came to an empty arena. A tag on the door said "RESERVED FOR NATHAN AND HIS TRAINEES." Nathan opened the door for us. "Welcome to arena number 29. Let the training begin!"


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Chapter 5
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