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 Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Chapter 6   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:02 am

Training: Week 1

Day 1:
The duel arena was great. The main area was where we trained and fought but in the back, there were 3 doors with a small room in each. Each one had a bed, a bathroom and food. We started off with some basic training in martial arts.
After Nathan showed us some moves and we practised them on eachother. I found I was a natural. I took Jack down within the first 20 seconds with the feint punch Nathan had shown us. Jack drank some of his magical potion which got rid of small injuries. I had to hand it to Nathan, he thought of everything.
The rest of the day, we just fought with all our strength, drinking potion when necessary, eating, going to the washroom and resting. At about 11:00 pm, we were drenched in sweat. We got in the shower and went to bed.
Day 2:
When I woke up, Nathan was already training with a punching bag. "Hi." I called.
He stopped punching. "Oh, hi. I was just getting a bit of training in before you guys woke up. How was you're sleep?"
"Pretty good thanks," I replied. "Should I go wake Jack up?"
"Sure, why not. We should get a start on the day's training."
"Ok." I walked off.
I knocked on the door of his room. "We're starting! Wake up!"
"Ok, I'm coming!" He said sleepily.
A few minutes later, he came out of his room. We ate breakfast and we started training at 8:30 am.
Today's training was a little tougher. We learned how to put energy into our punches to make them stronger. Jack got it right away although I found I wasn't too good at energy attacks. After a while, I got it and we started training. As the end of the day drew near, we ate dinner, trained on some punching bags and went to sleep.
Day 3, 4 and 5:
The 3 days were relatively the same. We learned some new moves, practised them all day, ate and went to bed.
Day 6:
We finally got into the good stuff. He taught us some aerial attacks and taught us how to jump really high. Jack and I had a battle in the air using all the move we recently learned.
We fought non stop for 3 hours. By the end, we were drenched in sweat, and after we stopped, we collapsed. Nathan brought lemonade for us and we drank some of our potion. That night, we had a huge dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. It was so good! After that, we went to sleep.
The final day:
The final day of the first week was exiting so I'll explain it in detail.
We practised some of the attacks we'd learned on eachother. We leaped high into the air and fought and after an hour, we hadn't even broken a sweat.
Nathan started clapping. "Good job! That was all about endurance and you passed with flying colours!"
Next, he had us fight eachother for real and not a training fight.
"Here's some of the strong potion that will revive some bigger injuries. Use it when you need too."
We walked out into the arena.
We rushed at eachother, I dodged his first punch and launched a side kick. He skid across the floor so I jumped and rushed down at him with my fist ready.
I crashed into the ground and I realized he dodged it at the last second.
Jack grabbed my legs, swung me around and let go, sending me flying into the air. I hit the ground hard when I saw him rushing at me. I pretended to still be down and when he got to me, I rolled out of the way and punched him straight in the gut.
He hobbled around grabbing his stomach and I realized this was my chance. I really didn't want to do it but the training was necessary. I ran at him at full speed and when he put his arms out to block my punch, I did a slide kick to the same place I punched him.
He fell to the ground. I ran over and gave him some of the potion and I took some too.
"Very impressive, both of you!" Nathan called. "Now let's eat!"
We ate a delicious lunch of french toast and fruit and we went over to the middle of the arena.
"Okay you two." Nathan instructed. "You guys are going to use all the moves you've practised over the week on me, okay?"
"Sounds good too me," Jack agreed. "I'll go first."
"Okay. Sean, you go sit over there. If you guys land a hit on me within 5 minutes, you pass this challenge. If you don't, don't feel bad, I've been doing this for my whole life! Sean! Set the timer for 5 minutes."
I did. "It's set! 3.. 2.. 1... Start!"
Jack rushed at Nathan. He unleashed a barrage of punches and Nathan just dodged easily. He kicked to the side and Nathan just jumped back. Jack jumped up as high as he could and rushed down at Nathan. When he was getting close, Nathan jumped back, but it seemed like that's what jack was intending because he landed on his hands and used his foot to kick at where Nathan was. Nathan just barely dodged it by leaning back and jumping.
"3 minutes left!" I yelled.
Jack kicked, punched and even tried to headbutt but nothing worked, Nathan dodged everything.
"1 minute left!"
Jack started going all out, he tried everything there was to try. It looked like Nathan was having more of a hard time than before.
"30 seconds!"
Jack tried aerial attacks rushing down at Nathan, he just dodged everything.
"10 seconds!"
Jack looked flustered. Nathan made it loo so easy. I could see that Jack was getting mad and I was right. With the last bit of strength he had, he charged at Nathan with his fist ready to punch.
"5 seconds!"
Nathan jumped out of the way but not before Jack back flipped on to his hands. Nathan jumped, thinking he was going to punch but his real intention was clear now. He spun around, leg just about to smash into Nathan's chest when Nathan suddenly pulled back. The kick missed by a centimeter.
"Time's up!"
Jack collapsed on to the ground. We gave him some potion and we walked him over to the bench.
"You fought well Jack." Nathan praised. "I had a real hard time dodging that last attack."
"Thanks," he replied. "I'll set the timer."
Nathan and I took our places in the arena.
"3.. 2.. 1.. Start!"
I rushed in for a spike kick, he jumped to the side and I used my other foot to smash him in the leg. He jumped up to dodge it so I jumped up too and did an uppercut. He dodged it by swerving to the side and I unleashed a barrage of punches in mid air. When we hit the ground, I spun around with my foot going first hoping to catch him off guard. He jumped over me so when he got directly above me, I did an uppercut which he switched the side of his body he was falling on to dodge my attack.
"3 minutes left!"
I kicked at him with my right leg so when he jumped to the side, I kicked at him with my left. when he leaped over me, I jumped over him and kicked downward with both legs. He dodged it by landing on the floor and leaping back.
"2 minutes!"
I punched at him with my right fist and then with my left them kicked with my right foot then my left foot and repeated it. When I realized none of that was working, I sidestepped and did a sweep kick trying to trip him. He leapt up and landed a a few feet behind me.
"1 minute!"
I ran at him with everything I had. I punched multiple times with the energy technique and kicked to the side. I jumped up and swung my foot down on his head and he leaned to the other side.
"20 seconds!"
I punched as hard as I can leaping forward and he simply stepped out of the way.
"10 seconds!"
I ran at him again putting every ounce of power I had into my final punch. I ran at him and when he tried to dodge, I turned and punched that way.
"5 seconds!"
He barely dodged it and just when it seemed all hope was lost, I put out my hand and a red ball appeared.
"3.. 2!"
The ball got bigger and as Nathan leapt to the side, I fired a big flaming energy ball.
It hit him straight on, sending him sprawling across the room.
When he got up, he was on fire so jack tossed a bucket of water on him.
All they could do was stare at me. I had used an elemental ability. We all knew what element I could control.
After a while, Nathan grinned. "Well, now we know what element you have. Congratulations Sean! Looks like you're going to the fire group!"


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Chapter 6
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