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 Chapter 7

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PostSubject: Chapter 7   Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:13 pm

Training: Week 2-Cut Short!

I was just as surprised as them at my elemental power.
By that time, it was almost midnight so we decided not to talk about it until we woke up.
I knew I wouldn't get to sleep in a hurry.
When I finally got up after a rough sleep, I got to the arena to find Jack was covered in sweat.
"What are you guys doing?" I asked.
"Sean!" Jack called to me. "My element is wind!"
"Really? Sweet! How long have you been up?" I asked noticing the dark circles under Jack's eyes.
"About 5 hours. It took a long time to get my elemental power out. It's great! I can control the air!"
"All right! Enough chit-chat!" Nathan instructed. "Let's start learning how to control your abilities."
We learned it in no time. We learned how to control our element so we could use it in battle.
"It's looking great! Now, next we will-"
The loudspeaker blared before he could finish, "all personnel in the building, please get out at once! The elemental kingdom is being attacked by the shadow society in 5 minutes. Group 10 captain said it himself after going there on a secret mission!"
Nathan stared open-mouthed at the loudspeaker before saying "come on!"
We raced out into the area.
A cloud raced by with a speaker on it.
"All personnel who can fight, please come to the group 1 base! All the shadow society enemies are coming there to take down our strongest forces!"
We saw a ton of huge clouds on the ground and all the soldiers were hopping on. Each seat person got on their own cloud and raced away.
Nathan got on his own. "Hop on!"
We did and it raced away at top speeds.
Jack seemed to realize he could control wind so he stopped the wind in front of us, stopping us from any chance of falling off.
We raced off to the main area and I wondered what exactly I had gotten myself into.


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Chapter 7
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