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 Violetta City arc 2: Vars' Power

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PostSubject: Violetta City arc 2: Vars' Power   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:18 pm

Rafa agreed to the fight.
He leaped up, and threw a knife at Vars.
Vars deflected the knife and punched Rafa in the side of the head with flames.
Rafa jumped again and landed a kick straight at the side of Vars' face.
The battle lasted for hours.
A few fires appeared here and there.
Rafa then fell into a flame.
He started burning.
He used this to his advantage and threw the shirt at Vars' face.
She started screaming and trying to pull the shirt off.
Rafa saved her life by pulling the shirt off.
She then gave him a thanks, and tried to leave.
Rafa pulled her by the collar, all the way to the ship.


My friend dared me to put this here. I'll put it in below.
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Violetta City arc 2: Vars' Power
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