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 Lafin's Mansion arc 4: On One Condition

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PostSubject: Lafin's Mansion arc 4: On One Condition   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:37 pm

'This island looks interesting.' said Rafa.
'It does, doesn't it?' replied Vars.
'Is-Is tha-Is that a mansion?' asked Rafa in surprise, as they seen a huge, seemingly roofless building.
'Wh-who are you!!??' asked a voice from behind them.
They then heard the sound of a gun being loaded.
'W-we are just civilians passing by.' said Vars.
'Stop lying! We are pirates, and we want your boat please.' said Rafa.
'Idiot.' Vars said under her voice.
'M-my boat?' said the man.
They turned around, and saw a boy, about their age.
He looked scrawny.
'Yes, your boat!' said Rafa.
'O-OK, on one condition.' replied the man.
'What is that?' asked Rafa.
'Beat the other pirates living here, the Dorumi Brothers.' answered the man.


My friend dared me to put this here. I'll put it in below.
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Lafin's Mansion arc 4: On One Condition
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