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 Lafin's Mansion arc 5: The Dorumi Brothers

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PostSubject: Lafin's Mansion arc 5: The Dorumi Brothers   Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:29 am

'The Dorumi Brothers?' asked Rafa.
'John and Caleb Dorumi' replied the man. 'Two brothers who are said to be demonlike. They both take power from orbs.'
'Orbs?' asked Vars.
'Orbs are very rare and powerful things. There is only one of each kind. If you touch one, you absorb it.' answered the man. 'By the way, my names Lafin.'
'Well, what powers do they have?' asked Rafa.
'Caleb has control over Mold and John has control over Fungi.' replied Lafin.
'So...they are both disgusting.' said Vars.


My friend dared me to put this here. I'll put it in below.
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Lafin's Mansion arc 5: The Dorumi Brothers
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