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 Viridian Pep Squad! Sisters Erin and Tyler

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PostSubject: Viridian Pep Squad! Sisters Erin and Tyler   Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:42 pm

Off in the distance, Zane could hear singing.
And dancing.
And shouting.
As he neared, he didn't like what he saw.
About 35 girls in single file, doing cheerleading.
'My eyes! They burn!' screamed Zane.
'Oh jeez. Little wimp.' replied Kristen.
They couldn't see the town throught the crowd.
There were even people on rooftops.
As they neared, one of the girls stopped.
She tapped the girl next to her on the shoulder.
Then...*gulp...she pointed at me and smiled.
The two girls walked over to us.
'Hi! I'm Erin' said one.
'And I'm Tyler!' said the other.
'We're sisters!' they both yelled.
'We're members of the Pep Squad! We're performing for the Festival!' said Erin.
'And we wanted to know who you were!' said Tyler. All pepped up.
'What festival?' asked Zane.
'The festival of then anniversary of the day that Viridian was founded! Said to be the most romantic day of the year!' replied Tyler.
'Well, I'm Kristen, and this is Zane!' said Kristen.
Erin and Tyler led us to behind the gym.
'Wow. I hate cheerleading.' said Kristen.
'Well, I kinda think it gets a little too peppy sometimes.' replied Erin.
Tyler winked at Zane.
Then she got up, and took Zane by the hand to the outskirts of town.
Then, she held his arm tightly, and put her head into his neck.
She then whispered in the tiniest voice 'I Love You.'


My friend dared me to put this here. I'll put it in below.
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Viridian Pep Squad! Sisters Erin and Tyler
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