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 Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.

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PostSubject: Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.   Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:03 pm

Uub was Goku's trainee until he left to do some training with Shenron. Uub was all alone. He was attacked by a tribe of aliens and won, at the loss of fat Buu inside him. He became regular Uub once again without fat Buu. Then one day, he found a puddle of pink slime. It was alive, but it couldn't move and it was scorched. Thinking it was his lost friend, Uub healed the puddle, only to find kid Buu! Kid Buu had learned his lesson about huting people from Goku's spirit bomb, and he was grateful to Uub for freeing him. He decided to join Uub and went along with him. Uub and Buu figured out they had once been one and had been separated into good and evil but now the good side had influenced the evil and kid Buu is good again. The both have many adventures but eventually, the meet up with Sean Raider. But that's all in the future.

His basic punches and kicks:

Weak Attack Normal 1: Punch
A punch.
Weak Attack Normal 2: Kick
A kick.
Weak Attack Forward 1: Smash
Smacks with his hand.
Weak Attack Forward 2: Forward Smash
Jumps up then hits down with both fists
Weak Attack Backwards 1: Spike Kick
Kicks straight backwards.
Weak Attack Backwards 2: Crouch Kick
Crouches, then spins around and smashes the opponent with a kick.
Weak Attack Upwards 1: Up Blast
Shoots a small ki blast upwards
Weak Attack Upwards 2: Double Up Punch
Punches with both hands straight upward.
Weak Attack Downwards 1: Ground Blast
Jumps up, then shoots a pink blast downward.
Weak Attack Downwards 2: Roundhouse Kick
Kicks around him in all directions. Trips opponents.

His more damaging combos:

Medium Attack Normal 1: Double Kick Combo
Kicks twice. Once to the opponents stomach and once to the knee.
Medium Attack Normal 2: Rapid Punch
Punches rapidly into the opponent's stomach.
Medium Attack Forward 1: Double Ki Attack
Shoots two ki blasts at a time 3 times.
Medium Attack Forward 2: Melee Combo
Kicks the opponent two times, punches him two times.
Medium Attack Backwards 1: Back Punch
Punches backward two times.
Medium Attack Backwards 2: Backward Kick Flip
Does a flip feet first backward.
Medium Attack Upwards 1: Ki Blast Frenzy
Shoots 10 small ki blasts straight upwards.
Medium Attack Upwards 2: Upward Fist Combo
Punches 5 times straight upward.
Medium Attack Downwards 1: Shockwave
Uub focuses his power and creates a shockwave of blue energy around him.
Medium Attack Downwards 2: Explosive Energy
Causes 2 explosions around him on each side by charging his energy.

His hard hitting smash attacks and some energy projectiles:

Strong Attack Normal 1: Charged Double Fist
Charges up, then attacks with an extremely strong punch with both hands.
Strong Attack Normal 2: Hard Smash
Charges up, then attacks the opponent with a kick using two feet.
Strong Attack Forward 1: Hard Punch
A very strong punch. Doesn't need charging so it's not as strong as the charged double fist but it's faster.
Strong Attack Forward 2: Charged Ki Blast
Charges up a huge blue ki blast and fires it.
Strong Attack Backwards 1: Backwards Combo
Kicks straight backward 6 times with different legs each time.
Strong Attack Backwards 2: Back Blast
Fires a large ki blast backwards.
Strong Attack Upwards 1: Ki Combo
Shoots 30 mini ki blasts upwards. They are not homing and they don't do very much damage.
Strong Attack Upwards 2: Ki Beam
Fires a yellow beam straight upward. Homes on to the opponent.
Strong Attack Downwards 1: Earthquake
Punches the ground and a small earthquake starts around him. The ground starts exploding and hurting whoever is near to him.
Strong Attack Downwards 2: Pebble Stomp
Stomps on the ground, then rock pieces fly up and smash into the opponent.

These are some of his signature moves:

Special Attack Normal: Ki Cannon
Shoots a really strong invisible ki blast out of his mouth.
Special Attack Forwards: Kamehameha
Shoots an strong beam of blue energy out of both his hands. Not accurate but really good for damage.
Special Attack Backwards: Ki Smash
Shoots a flurry of ki blasts behind him.
Special Attack Upwards: Chocolate Beam
Transforms into Majuub. Points his finger at the opponent wherever he is and shoots a pink beam towards him. If it makes contact, the opponent will be made into a piece of chocolate shaped like a gingerbread man. The chocolate can move but very slowly. Uub returns to normal and can use whatever attack he wants against the chocolate. The opponent changes back when Uub uses an attack on the chocolate.
Special Attack Downwards: Aura Blast
Gets blue aura around him, then he makes it expand. If it hits somebody, Uub fires a flurry of ki blasts from his hands while the opponent is still caught in the aura. Then, the aura shrinks to it's original size which brings the opponent really close to Uub. Then, he charges up a huge kick and smashes the opponent with it. Then, the aura goes away.

Majuub is the fusion of fat Buu and Uub. When fused, Uub is pumped up. His muscles grow way bigger, he gets fat Buu's jacket and he just gets way stronger. In the RPG, fat Buu dies so Uub has to use a memory of him to transform. But the memory transformation doesn't last as long so he only has time to do one of these attacks at a time before changing back. So before all of these attacks, he transforms and the after each one, he turns back into plain Uub.

His devastating blasts and beams. Transforms into Majuub for all for these:

Super Attack 1: Super Energy Wave Volley
Majuub charges up 2 balls of blue energy in his hands, then fires about 20 huge blasts of energy from the big ones in his hands. All the energy blasts are homing but it's rare that all 20 of the blasts hit the opponent.
Super Attack 2: Super Kamehameha
A stronger and bigger version of the kamehameha. Shoots an incredibly strong beam of blue energy out of both his hands. Not accurate but incredibly good for damage.
Super Attack 3: Lightning Arrow
Puts his hands straight up and charges 2 huge bluish white energy spheres in both hands. After he's done charging, he fires about 30 small arrow like blasts into the air. They all go straight into the air and then all home on to the opponent down below. They aren't really accurate but they kind of are because they home on to the opponent.

His fusion with fat Buu. Because fat Buu died, he uses a memory of him to transform for a short period of time:

Final Attack: Majuub Chocolate Kamehameha
A combination of Uub's chocolate beam and super kamehameha, hence the title. It fires them both at the same time in one beam which turns the opponent into chocolate while being destroyed by the super kamehameha. This causes incredible damage and takes up a lot of Majuub's strength. It does not turn the opponent into chocolate for a long time, it just turns him into chocolate log enought for th super kamehameha to hit him. The super kamehameha Is much stronger then the regular super kamehameha because Majuub's puts everything he's got into it and think about it. What would happen if a 4 inch piece of chocolate go hit by a wave of pure energy. So yeah, it's a lot stronger then the original.
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PostSubject: Re: Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.   Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:27 am

good job
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PostSubject: Re: Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.   Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:53 am

I tried to make him exactly like he was in the show.
Pretty much all his specials, super attacks and his final attack are his signature moves.
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PostSubject: Re: Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.   

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Uub (DBZ) Goku's Trainee.
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