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 Lafin's Mansion arc 6: The Mansion

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PostSubject: Lafin's Mansion arc 6: The Mansion   Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:16 pm

Lafin took Rafa and Vars over to the back area of the island.
He then dug a small hole in the ground, to reveal a chest.
He then openned the chest, and appeared a hole in the bottom.
"Lets go through!" said Lafin.
They climbed through the hole, and emerged in an underground fortress.
"Did you build this yourself?" asked Rafa.
"Well, not just me. My older brothers helped." answered Lafin.
"Older brothers?" asked Vars.
"Yeah. Two of them. They were adoptive brothers though." replied Lafin.
He walked over to a stove.
"So...what do you want to eat?" asked Lafin.
"I don't know." answered Rafa.
Suddenly, the roof smashed apart.
"Ooh! What do we have here?" asked a tall man with a half green face.
"Go away John!" yelled Lafin.
"What? Go away? But why?" asked John sarcastically.
"Just get lost! He doesn't want you here!" yelled Rafa.
"..." paused John.
"But I just wanted the mansion..." said John.
"No you don't! You just want the mansion destroyed!" yelled Lafin, with small tears in his eyes.
"Why are you crying?" asked Vars.


My friend dared me to put this here. I'll put it in below.
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Lafin's Mansion arc 6: The Mansion
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