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 Nougami Neuro

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PostSubject: Nougami Neuro   Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:05 pm

Hell Yeah! It's Neuro. Using Yako as always.
My fourth character, so I get my own section. (When a person has 4 characters started, they get their own section).


Weak Attack Normal 1: Gun
Shoots energy through gun.
Weak Attack Normal 2: Clack
Snaps fingers.
Weak Attack Forward 1: Yako Slam
Throws Yako forward.
Weak Attack Forward 2: Yako Slash
Slashes using Yako as if she was a sword.
Weak Attack Backwards 1: Poison Bomb
Throws Poison Bomb behind him.
Weak Attack Backwards 2: Yako Throw
Throws Yako backwards.
Weak Attack Upwards 1: Chainsaw
Stabs Chainsaw upwards.
Weak Attack Upwards 2: Claw Slash Up
Slashes upwards with a clawed hand.
Weak Attack Downwards 1: Claw Slash Down
Slashes downwards with a clawed hand.
Weak Attack Downwards 2: Gun Down
Shoots energy diagonally downwards using gun.

Medium Attack Normal 1:
Medium Attack Normal 2:
Medium Attack Forward 1:
Medium Attack Forward 2:
Medium Attack Backwards 1:
Medium Attack Backwards 2:
Medium Attack Upwards 1:
Medium Attack Upwards 2:
Medium Attack Downwards 1:
Medium Attack Downwards 2:

Strong Attack Normal 1:
Strong Attack Normal 2:
Strong Attack Forward 1:
Strong Attack Forward 2:
Strong Attack Backwards 1:
Strong Attack Backwards 2:
Strong Attack Upwards 1:
Strong Attack Upwards 2:
Strong Attack Downwards 1:
Strong Attack Downwards 2:

Special Attack Normal:
Special Attack Forwards:
Special Attack Backwards:
Special Attack Upwards:
Special Attack Downwards:

Super Attack 1:
Super Attack 2:
Super Attack 3:

Final Attack:

Combo attack with (Fill In Name):
(You can have up to 10 Combo Attacks)
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Nougami Neuro
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