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 Stick-Figure Man

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PostSubject: Stick-Figure Man   Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:45 am

SFM was drawn into reality with no meaning, he has taken to drawing and fighting. He may be 2d but he has a 3d size heart.
Regular Form
Weak Attack Normal 1: punch
Weak Attack Normal 2: kick
Weak Attack Forward 1: forward smash punch
Weak Attack Forward 2: Head Roll: he takes his head
off and rolls it like a bowlling ball
Weak Attack Backwards 1: backward smash punch
Weak Attack Backwards 2: backward kick
Weak Attack Upwards 1: upward punch
Weak Attack Upwards 2: upward smash kick
Weak Attack Downwards 1: crouch kick
Weak Attack Downwards 2: downward smash punch

Pencil Form: he pulls a giant pencil from behind his back
Medium Attack Normal 1: vertical slash
Medium Attack Normal 2: Eraser Shooter: he points his pencil
forward with the eraser end pointing and shoots the eraser forward
Medium Attack Forward 1: sword smash
Medium Attack Forward 2: forward stab
Medium Attack Backwards 1: bacward slash
Medium Attack Backwards 2: backward stab
Medium Attack Upwards 1: upward vertical slash
Medium Attack Upwards 2: upward stab
Medium Attack Downwards 1: slash spin around him
Medium Attack Downwards 2: downward stab

Weapon Moves: Short Sword, hammer, twin hammers, or grenade
Strong Attack Normal 1: Sword vertical slash
Strong Attack Normal 2: hammer throw forward
Strong Attack Forward 1: forward sword stab
Strong Attack Forward 2: sword smashing slash
Strong Attack Backwards 1: grenade throw backward
Strong Attack Backwards 2: hammer throw backward
Strong Attack Upwards 1: vertical sword slash upward
Strong Attack Upwards 2: upward sword stab
Strong Attack Downwards 1: twin hammer smash downward
Strong Attack Downwards 2: sword stab downward

Special Attack Normal: Spear Stab: he changes his right arm into
the tipped end of a spear and stabs forward
Special Attack Forwards: he changes into a boulder and rolls forward
Special Attack Backwards: he changes into a boulder and rolls backward
Special Attack Upwards: Spike Clap: he changes his hands into spikes and claps them together
Special Attack Downwards: he changes into a weight

Super Attack 1: Day Long Throw: he grabs an enemy, spins him around
(while he spins him he looks like a clock and the hand he is grabbing the
enemy with is his hour hand), and then throws him
Super Attack 2: Cannon Shoot: he is erased and redrawn as a cannon and he shoots a cannon ball that cannot be stopped until it goes off the stage or hits an opponent
Super Attack 3: Run Over: he changes into a car and drives forward until he reaches an obstacle or the stage boundry

Final Attack: Drawn Arrow: he turns into a bow and arrow and shoots an one-hit ko arrow

Combo attack with (Fill In Name):
(You can have up to 10 Combo Attacks)
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Stick-Figure Man
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