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 Teen Gohan Super Sayan2

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PostSubject: Teen Gohan Super Sayan2   Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:51 am

Weak Attack Normal 1: punch
Weak Attack Normal 2: kick
Weak Attack Forward 1: smash punch forward
Weak Attack Forward 2: smash kick forward
Weak Attack Backwards 1: smash punch backward
Weak Attack Backwards 2: smash kick backward
Weak Attack Upwards 1: punch upward
Weak Attack Upwards 2:
Weak Attack Downwards 1: crouch kick
Weak Attack Downwards 2:

Medium Attack Normal 1:
Medium Attack Normal 2:
Medium Attack Forward 1:
Medium Attack Forward 2:
Medium Attack Backwards 1:
Medium Attack Backwards 2:
Medium Attack Upwards 1:
Medium Attack Upwards 2:
Medium Attack Downwards 1:
Medium Attack Downwards 2:

Strong Attack Normal 1:
Strong Attack Normal 2:
Strong Attack Forward 1:
Strong Attack Forward 2:
Strong Attack Backwards 1:
Strong Attack Backwards 2:
Strong Attack Upwards 1:
Strong Attack Upwards 2:
Strong Attack Downwards 1:
Strong Attack Downwards 2:

Special Attack Normal: super kamehameha
Special Attack Forwards: gekeratsu madan
Special Attack Backwards: gekeratsu madan
Special Attack Upwards: Instant Transmission:a.k.a. teleport to nearest enemy
Special Attack Downwards: explosive wave

Super Attack 1:
Super Attack 2:
Super Attack 3:

Final Attack: father-son kamehameha

Combo attack with (Fill In Name):
(You can have up to 10 Combo Attacks)
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PostSubject: Re: Teen Gohan Super Sayan2   Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:53 pm

Don't re-use attacks.
Gohan's awesome and you should make him have different moves.
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Teen Gohan Super Sayan2
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