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 Czar (Ami's Replacement, Original Character)

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PostSubject: Czar (Ami's Replacement, Original Character)   Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:12 pm

He is a robot, a random person and an idiot.

Weak Attack Normal 1: Slip
Slips and falls.
Weak Attack Normal 2:

Weak Attack Forward 1:

Weak Attack Forward 2:

Weak Attack Backwards 1: SHOOT!
Shoots forward with a bazooka, but it's facing backwards.
Weak Attack Backwards 2:

Weak Attack Upwards 1: UFO
A UFO appears and pulls Czar upwards.
Weak Attack Upwards 2: Cannonball
Shoots a cannoball upwards.
Weak Attack Downwards 1: DUCK!
(Attack can only be used if Weak Attack Upwards 2 was used) The cannonball comes back down.
Weak Attack Downwards 2:

Medium Attack Normal 1:
Medium Attack Normal 2:
Medium Attack Forward 1:
Medium Attack Forward 2:
Medium Attack Backwards 1:
Medium Attack Backwards 2:
Medium Attack Upwards 1:
Medium Attack Upwards 2:
Medium Attack Downwards 1:
Medium Attack Downwards 2:

Strong Attack Normal 1:
Strong Attack Normal 2:
Strong Attack Forward 1:
Strong Attack Forward 2:
Strong Attack Backwards 1:
Strong Attack Backwards 2:
Strong Attack Upwards 1:
Strong Attack Upwards 2:
Strong Attack Downwards 1:
Strong Attack Downwards 2:

Special Attack Normal:
Special Attack Forwards:
Special Attack Backwards:
Special Attack Upwards:
Special Attack Downwards:

Super Attack 1:
Super Attack 2:
Super Attack 3:

Final Attack:

Combo attack with (Fill In Name):
(You can have up to 10 Combo Attacks)
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PostSubject: Re: Czar (Ami's Replacement, Original Character)   Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:48 pm

Ha ha.
Love it, it's original, funny and cool.
I can't believe you gave up ami though.
I was thinking that we would find out he teleported out of the way.
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Czar (Ami's Replacement, Original Character)
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