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PostSubject: Sukamon   Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:17 pm

Walk: Walks slowly on hands.
Run: Does small hops with he's hands while Chuumon flails everywhere.
Jump: Does a small jump.
Double Jump: Spins upwards through the air.
Fall: Hands wave in the air as he falls at moderate speed and Chuumon holds on for dear life.
Land: A sudden shock comes to Sukamon and Chuumon. They shake it off.
Damage: Falls backwards a bit while Chuumon laughs.
Knockback: Flies backwards while spinning in sideways circles.
Dead: Laying on ground while Chuumon laughs.
Get up: Jumps up using hands.
Hang: Holds on with hand while Chuumon holds onto Sukamon with hand.
Recover from Hang: Does a quick roll over ledge and stands on hands.
Crouch: Sits on ground.
Guard: Sits on ground and guards himself with hands. Chuumon guards himself aswell.
Taunt: Goes like Razz with hands on head.
Win: Does Naruto's 'Believe It!' sign.
Lose: Lays down puffed out. Chuumon has fallen over.
Entrance: Rides up in truck an Etemon jumps out and De-Digivolves into Sukamon.
Neutral: A small slap.
Combo: A small slap, a small slap with the other hand and then hits with Chuumon.
Up Smash: Pushes himself upwards with hands.
Side Smash: Lifts himself with hands and acts as if he is two-foot kicking forward.
Down Smash: Picks up Chuumon and smashes him to the ground hard in front of him.
Dash Attack: Licks with long tongue.
Neutral Special: Throws three 'sludge' bombs.
Side Special: Throws one big 'sludge'.
Up Special: Climbs an Invisible Ladder.
Down Special: Does a body stomp.
Neutral Aerial: Hits forward once with Chuumon.
Up Aerial: Middair jumps upwards once and headbutts.
Forward Aerial: Does a forward roll.
Back Aerial: Does a backwards roll.
Down Aerial: Throws Chuumon downwards. Chuumon stomps angrily until Sukamon lands.
Grab: Lunges forward and grabs an enemy.
Pummel: Does a multi-slap.
Up Throw: Simply throws upwards. Chuumon latches to enemy and bites them until they land.
Down Throw: Stomps on them. Chuumon does too.
Forward Throw: Simply throws forwards. Chuumon latches to enemy and bites them until they land.
Back Throw: Simply throws backwards. Chuumon latches to enemy and bites them until they land.
Roll: Rolls curled up in a ball. Chuumon runs behind.
Stunned: Looks surprised and Chuumon faints.
Series Icon: A Sukamon Mugshot.
Revival Platform: A pile of junk.
Final Smash: Warp Digivolves to Metal Etemon for 30 seconds.(Metal Etemon damages anyone he touches.)
Up Tilt: Chuumon bites upwards.
Side Tilt: Chuumon and Sukamon bite sideways.
Down Tilt: Sukamon bites downwards.
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PostSubject: Re: Sukamon   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:10 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sukamon   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:03 am

LOL, Digi-$#!*.
That's what he is.
It took me about 12 minutes of planning to get this characters Final Smash.
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PostSubject: Re: Sukamon   

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