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 Agumon & Gabumon

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PostSubject: Agumon & Gabumon   Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:59 am

Agumon! Gabumon!
(Yellow Text=Agumon)
(Blue Text=Gabumon)

Walk: Walks slowly, one step at a time. Walks slowly forward.
Run: Does a comical, old school run (Like Arale). Runs with arms and ears flailing behind.
Jump: Does a hop. Doesn't go high. Hops higher than Agumon.
Double Jump: Does a slow 360 degree roll. Jump off of Agumon's head, Agumon double jumps after that.
Fall: Falls quickly and waves hands in air trying to fly. Arms and ears flail upwards as Gabumon falls at high speed.
Land: Falls on head, does a roll and lands on feet. Hits ground and gets back up normally. Then stumbles.
Damage: Flies upwards a little, even if he was hit sideways. Head blasts sideways at sudden speed.
Knockback: Does a JUS knockback. Does a JUS knockback.
Dead: Lays down motionless, does a flail every once in a while. Lays on ground and breathes heavily.
Get up: Pushes body up using hands and lands on feet (JUS). Hops up with the support of he's two arms.
Hang: Digs claw into ledge. Grabs onto ledge with both hands.
Recover from Hang: Climbs over ledge slowly and then rolls over. Rolls over edge and lands normally.
Crouch: Sits like a good dinosaur (Can crawl). Crouches over on all fours.
Guard: Holds hands in front of face and cries. Holds Agumon infront of him.
Taunt: Does a little punch upwards and smiles. Pours a bucket of water over himself and dries off.
Win: Does the moonwalk. Lays down puffed out and smiling
Lose: Sits and cries while Gabumon pats he's back. Sits and cries while Agumon pats he's back.
Entrance: Flies in as WarGreymon, then de-digivolves into Agumon. Zooms in as MetalGarurumon and then De-digivolves into Gabumon.
Neutral: Does a small punch. Scratches forward once.
Combo: Does a small punch, scratches with the other hand then headbutts softly. Scratches with one claw, scratches with the other and then kicks.
Up Smash: Slashes claw upwards. Horn attacks upwards.
Side Smash: Jumps forwards and bites. Slashes forward with claw.
Down Smash: Shoots an ember downwards, making a fire. Jumps and lands heavily on ground.
Dash Attack: Uses Claw Attack. Jumps forward with horn.
Neutral Special: Shoots a Pepper Breath. Uses Blue Blaster.
Side Special: Headbutts forward. Slashes forward with both claws.
Up Special: Gabumon throws him upwards. Agumon throws him upwards.
Down Special: Switches To Gabumon. Switches to Agumon.
Neutral Aerial: Scratches. Scratches once.
Up Aerial: Goes upside down and kicks upwards. Uses little Horn upwards.
Forward Aerial: Kicks forward with foot enlarging in hitbox. Does a strong kick forward.
Back Aerial: Does a 360 with claws outstretched. Does a Blue Blaster backwards.
Down Aerial: Shoots a Pepper Breath Downwards. Falls downwards faster than ever.
Grab: Shoves both claws forward and grab onto enemy. Grabs enemy with both claws outstretched.
Pummel: Headbutts every time button is pressed. Jabs with horn every time button is clicked.
Up Throw: Headbutts them upwards. Uses a thousand years of death like thing with he's horn.
Down Throw: Simply throws downwards, he's claws do damage. Blue blasts then downwards.
Forward Throw: Punches them forward. Slashes them forward.
Back Throw: Kicks enemy backwards. Jabs them backwards with horn.
Roll: Does a simple Roll with claws outstretched. Curls up into a near perfect sphere and rolls.
Stunned: Holds hands over face and in a speech bubble it says 'I'm scared!'. Holds hands in front of face and crouches.
Series Icon: A Digimon Adventure style Digivice.
Revival Platform: The Crest of Courage. The Crest of Friendship.
Final Smash: Gabumon and Agumon Warp digivolve to MetalGarurumon and Wargreymon respectively. They then DNA Digivolve into Omnimon for 30 seconds.
Up Tilt: Slashes both claws upwards alternately 3 times. Blue blasts softly upwards.
Side Tilt: Kicks forward at high speed. Roars a spiky speech bubble in front of him.
Down Tilt: Throws Gabumon downwards. Headbutts ground in front of him.
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PostSubject: Re: Agumon & Gabumon   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: Agumon & Gabumon   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:30 am

Thanks, why don't you make some expansions on the site.
You only have to have the Idle.
Explain the rest and it's really easy.
I've made all mine in about 1 1/2 days.
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PostSubject: Re: Agumon & Gabumon   Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:18 am

Looks great.
These are some really smooth animations.
Nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: Agumon & Gabumon   Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:14 am

It was pretty easy.
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Agumon & Gabumon
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