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 Omnimon (Agumon and Gabumon's Final Form)

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PostSubject: Omnimon (Agumon and Gabumon's Final Form)   Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:26 am

Walk: Floats forward.
Run: Zooms forward at high speed.
Jump: Floats upwards a little.
Double Jump: Floats up a little more.
Fall: Just stands still while he's cape flies everywhere.
Land: Doesn't touch ground, just slows down and hovers.
Hang: Holds onto ledge with WarGreymon arm.
Recover from Hang: Gently floats up over ledge.
Crouch: Touches ground and kneels.
Taunt: Makes Grey Sword come out and swings it a little, before putting it back.
Win: De-digivolves into Gabumon and Agumon and they make the peace sign.
Lose: Sits down and sighs.
Neutral: Punches once.
Combo: Punches once, punches again and then slashes with Grey Sword.
Up Smash: Slashes sword over head.
Side Smash: Smacks MetalGarurumon arm forwards.
Down Smash: Slashes underneath himself with Grey Sword.
Dash Attack: Grey Sword Stab.
Neutral Special: Shoots Garuru Cannon and Freezes opponent.
Side Special: Uses Flame Breath.
Up Special: Majorly Floats upwards.
Down Special: Uses Sword of Ruin.
Neutral Aerial: Uses Grey Sword attack.
Up Aerial: Uses Garuru cannon upwards.
Forward Aerial: Does a big kick.
Back Aerial: Smacks Grey Sword backwards.
Down Aerial: Smashes downwards.
Grab: Grabs hold of enemy in between WarGreymon's jaws.
Pummel: Kicks each time button is pressed.
Up Throw: Throws arm upwards
Down Throw: Throws arm downwards.
Forward Throw: Grey Sword Stabs him forward.
Back Throw: Garuru Cannon's him backwards.
Roll: Rolls up in a sphere and quickly rolls.
Series Icon:A Digimon Adventure style Digivice.
Into Form: Agumon and Gabumon warp DNA digivolve into Omnimon.
Out of Form: De-Warp DNA digivolves into Agumon and Gabumon and they hi-five.
Up Tilt: Stabs Grey Sword upwards.
Side Tilt: Garuru cannons softly forwards.
Down Tilt: Kicks downwards.
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Omnimon (Agumon and Gabumon's Final Form)
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