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 Veemon & Wormmon

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PostSubject: Veemon & Wormmon   Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:12 am

(Blue Text=Veemon)
(Green Text= Wormmon)
(Will continue soon)
Walk: Walks at a moderate speed. Kind of slithers forward.
Run: Runs at moderate speed. Hops every 5 steps. Rolls forward.
Jump: Jumps slightly. Hops using tail.
Double Jump: Flaps arms and goes upwards. Does a rising midair roll.
Fall: Falls at moderate to Low speed with a smile on he's face. Falls rather quickly for weight.
Land: Hits the ground and gets up normally, stunned when he hits ground. Hits the ground, gets up and shakes it off.
Damage: Lookslike he just got FALCON PAWNCH!!!ed. Looks like he just got hit with a body blow.
Knockback: Does a JUS knockback with a shocked expression. Flies quickly backwards, but not very far. JUS Style.
Dead: Layes down. Lays on ground motionless.
Get up: Gets up using hands, walks on them for a second and then lands. Hops up using tail.
Hang: Hangs with a VERY shocked look on face. Holds on with Silk Thread.
Recover from Hang: Rolls over edge and then stands and laughs. Rolls over edge.
Crouch: Crouches a bit and stares carefully. Crouches down and wimpers.
Guard: Screams and holds hands above head. Covers itself in Silk Thread.
Taunt: Holds up digi-eggs of Courage and Friendship. Imitates the Digi-Emperor.
Win: Kicks around a soccer ball a little bit. Rolls in ball and sleeps.
Lose: Rolls around on ground and cries. Looks down sadly and slithers away.
Entrance: Blasts in as Raidramon and then de-digi eggs to Veemon. Runs in as Bullmon and de-digieggs to Wormmon.
Neutral: A small left hand punch. Spins left.
Combo: A small punch with left hand, a small punch with right and then a kick. Spins Left, spins right then tail whips.
Up Smash: Vee-Headbutts upwards. Shoots hard Silk upwards
Side Smash: Kicks a Soccer Ball forward. Does a strong headbutt.
Down Smash: Vee-Headbutts the ground. Stabs the ground with he's tail.
Dash Attack: A small, shocked punch. Does a spin as if a curling puck.
Neutral Special: Turns into Flamedramon and shoots 3 fire bullets, then turns back. Does a Worm Wheel. (Acts as Sonic's).
Side Special: Turns into Raidramon and Headbutts forward, then turns back. Uses Worm Tail.
Up Special: Turns into Gargoylemon, flies upwards, then turns back. Turns into Aurumon and flies upwards. Then turns back.
Down Special: Turns into Kangaroomon, punches the ground a few times, then turns back. Turns into Searchmon and if hit when he is Searchmon, the enemy will get crunched. He then turns back.
Neutral Aerial: Does a small, weak kick.
Up Aerial: Punches weakly upwards.
Forward Aerial: Kicks forward weakly.
Back Aerial: Vee-Headbutts backwards.
Down Aerial: Turns into Sethmon, flies downwards, stabs with tusks, then turns back.
(All Grabs and Throws involve Veemon turning into Yasyamon, and turning back afterwards.)
Grab: Holds both hands at enemy, trapping it.
Pummel: Smacks with wooden pole.
Up Throw: Throws Upwards.
Down Throw: Throws Downwards.
Forward Throw: Kicks forward.
Back Throw: Does a backflip and slams them into ground.
Roll: Rolls slowly. Rolls forward.
Stunned: Looked shocked and suddenly drops.
Series Icon: A Digivice from Season 2.
Revival Platform: The Crests of Courage and Friendship.
Final Smash:
Up Tilt: Does a small Vee-headbutt upwards.
Side Tilt: Does a Cartwheel.
Down Tilt: Jumps up and kicks downwards.
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Veemon & Wormmon
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