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 Agumon #1

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PostSubject: Agumon #1   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:50 pm

Agumon: 'Hey Gomamon!'
Gomamon: 'What?'
Agumon: 'Pull my finger!'
Gomamon: 'I'm not going to pull you fing-'
Agumon: 'Why not?'
Gomamon: 'Because you're just going to fart again and-'
Agaumon: 'Oh come onnn!'
Gomamon: 'No!'
Agumon: 'Please!?'
Gomamon: 'NO!'
Agumon: 'Why not?'
Gomamon: 'You don't even have fingers, what possible re-'
Agumon: 'Fine then, pull my claw,'
Gomamon: 'NO!'
Agumon: 'Seriously Gomamon, If you don't pull this finger I wil-'
Gomamon: 'Well your just going to fart later anyway, so why?'
Agumon: 'I promise I won't fart!'
Gomamon: 'Fine then!'
Agumon: 'Good joke right'
Gomamon: 'I think you went a little too far with that joke!'
Agumon: 'APRIL FOOLS!'
Gomamon: 'It's June you TWIT!'
Agumon: 'June Fools!'
Gomamon: 'Look, if your going to do this every month, I'll quit my job!'
Agumon: 'But why?'
Gomamon: 'Because someone is BEING REALLY ANNOYING!'
Agumon: 'Tentomon, stop being so annoying!'
Agumon: 'Oh.'
Gomamon: Oh, d- don't cry Agumon,'
Gomamon: 'STOP CRYING!'
Agumon: 'OK!'
Gomamon: 'That was fast,'
Agumon: 'I know!'
Gomamon: 'Are-are you farting?'
Agumon: 'Yup!'
Gomamon: 'Well, I guess it's not too ba-OH HOLY OPHANIMON THAT STINKS!'
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Agumon #1
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