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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:55 am

All the topics having to do with the rpg go in this section.
If you want to make a character, obviously, put it in the characters section.
If you have a question about the rpg, put it in the chat section.
You may only have 2 pokemon. One being you and one being your best friend.
You must have the start of an evolution family. You can evolve into the pokemon you want in the story.
You may not have legendaries.
You can control as many pokemon as you want but you can only have those two as your mains.
You can find the character checklist in the section this topic is in.
Play fairly. You may not have instant ko's or really strong moves that make the opponent unable to move or something like that.
Use the full checklist when creating your character.
Have fun playing this rpg.

I will add more rules when I think of them.
Put your suggestions in the suggestions topic.
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