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 Treeko and Ralts

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PostSubject: Treeko and Ralts   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:53 pm

In the lovely Artis village. His mom died 5 years after she had him and his dad has taken care of him until he was 13. His mom was a gardevoir and his dad is a grovyle.
He's a fun loving guy but very serious. He smiles a lot but you don't hear him laughing very much. He usually hangs out at the back of parties and never likes anyone messing with his brother, ralts. He would stick up for his brother no matter what.

My brother (friend):
Same place as his brother. He gets all the attention from their father who raises them.
He would love to be friends with everybody. Unfortunately, he is teased at pokemon school, doesn't have many friends and everyone steers clear of him. He is 4 years younger then Zack. 9 years old. He isn't the best at anything and that makes him have a shy personality. He doesn't talk much and mostly trails along beside his brother. He can't wait to evolve so he trains everyday.
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Treeko and Ralts
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