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 Agumon #2

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PostSubject: Agumon #2   Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:30 pm

Agumon: 'Hey Gomamon!'
Gomamon: 'What now!?'
Agumon: 'I have a surprise for you!'
Gomamon: 'What?'
Agumon: 'I set you up on a date!'
Gomamon: 'A WHAT!?'
Agumon: 'You know. D-A-T-E.'
Gomamon: 'With who?'
Agumon: 'You'll see!'
Gomamon: 'Yippee.'
(Some time later)
Gomamon: 'Well this is awkward.'
Palmon: 'You said it.'
(The day after)
Agumon: 'So how did the date go?'
Gomamon: 'It went fine.'
Agumon: 'Are you sure.'
Gomamon: 'Yes I'm sure!'
Agumon: 'Fine then.'

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Agumon #2
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